Friday, 15 July – Plenary Session 

Optimizing Neonatal Outcomes – Avroy Fanaroff, USA

Helping Babies Breathe – George Little,USA

Developing International Datasets to Accelerate Progress – Kate Costeloe, UK

Long-Term Outcomes of Late Preterm Birth – Lex Doyle, Australia


Abstract Session 

Magnesium Sulfate for Fetal Neuroprotection Correlation between Maternal and Infant Serum Magnesium Concentrations – Iris Morag, Israel

Beyond the Hospital Setting The Longer Term Impact on Parents of Infants born prematurely – Gary Heard, Australia

Perfusion index as a screening tool for Patent Ductus Arteriosus – Itamar Nitzan, Israel


Saturday, 16 July 

 Hall A

Optimizing Respiratory Outcomes in Newborns ( Part 1)

Primary Prevention of Lung Disease Role of Antenatal Steroids – Lucky Jain, USA

Management of Fluids and Electrolytes in Week 1 – Richard Polin, USA

Noninvasive Respiratory Support of Preterm Infants with RDS – Richard Polin, USA

 Jaundice and Anemia

Severe hyperbilirubinemia – Thor Willy Ruud Hansen, Norway

Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety Of Home Phototherapy Unit for the Management Of Neonatal Jaundice in the Hospital Setting – Ashwani  Bhatia

Transcutaneous Bilirubin Nomogram Representative of Israeli Population Predicts Hyperbilirubinemia – Ruben Bromiker, Israel

Role of Urinary Tract Infection in Neonatal Pathological Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinemia – Ajay Kumar, India

Optimizing Respiratory Outcomes in Newborns

Minimally Invasive Surfactant use and Delivery – Manuel Sanchez Luna, Spain

Long-term Respiratory Outcomes of Prematurity- Lex Doyle, Australia

Minimally Invasive Surfactant use and Delivery – Manuel Sanchez Luna, Spain

Quality Improvement Intervention with Bubble CPAP Improves Respiratory Outcomes in Preterm Infants – Beatrice Stefanescu, USA

 Sunday, 17 July 

 Hall A

Optimizing Nutrition of the Term Infant

HIV & Breast feeding – Sithembiso Velaphi, South Africa

Probiotics in Neonatology – Jean-Charles Picaud, France

Variation in Reporting Of Neonatal Nutritional Research Time For a Standardized Reporting Framework – Frank Bloomfield, New Zealand

The Effect of Umbilical Cord Milking On Hemodynamic Status of Preterm Infants A Randomized Controlled Trial – Walid El-Naggar

 Optimal Nutritional Management of the High Risk Neonate

NEC free NICU How to Develop and Sustain – Roy Philip, Ireland

The Effect of an Exclusive Human Milk Diet EHMD on the Incidence of Necrotizing Enterocolitis NEC in the US An Updated Epidemiological Evaluation – Martin Lee, USA 

Hall B

Early Care of the Premature Infant

Prevention of Moderate Hypothermia – Arun Pramanik, USA

What Do We Do at the Threshold of Viability – Ola Saugstad, Norway

Therapeutic Hypothermia Effect on Respiratory Condition in Neonates – Itamar Nitzan, Israel

 Improving Neurologic Outcomes of Our Sickest Patients

Early Brain Development and Outcomes – Michael Weindling, UK

Predicting Long term Neurological Outcomes –  Lex Doyle, Australia

Whole body cooling WBC for short term outcomes in newborns with asphyxial encephalopathy CNAEST study a pilot feasibility study –  Govind Benakatti

Should RSV Prophylaxis Indications Be Narrowed A Single Tertiary Center Experience in Israel – Benjamin Bar-Oz, Israel

Saliva versus Urine Selective Screening to Diagnose Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection in a Targeted Neonatal Population – Benjamin Bar-Oz, Israel

 Plenary – Hot Topics in Neonatology

New ILCOR Recommendations for Newborn Babies – Ola Saugstad, Norway

Application of Datasets to Advance Clinical Care – Kate Costeloe, UK

How parents can help improve their extremely preterm baby’s development – Lex Doyle, Australia