The International Neonatology Association aims at improving new born survival and help improve standards of education in the field of neonatology. The organization shall also make an attempt to define minimal standards that need to be made available to all new borns in the world, promote high standards of neonatal care, enhance quality of care for a patients and families, decreasing health disparities and improving health care outcomes.

INA’s membership consists of National Neonatology Societies, Individual memberships (specially in countries that do not have national neonatology societies) & corporate members.

INA shall develop multilateral relations with global organizations, Work in close association with International NGO’s, Develop a Global Neonatal Residency Program, Counsel young Neonatologists, Develop a network to connect Neonatologists and Form an International lobby group.

At INA each national organization determines & plans its own activities based on the unique local opportunities and demographics of its members. The national organization elects its own officers and admits and orients its members. Networking and communication with other professional organizations are promoted. Information is shared on practice issues, legislative issues, standards of care, statistics and educational opportunities.